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Launched in 2002, Layer 9 focused on managing technology and creating lasting clients. Over the past years, our company has grown exponentially due in large part to our customer’s satisfaction and their “word of mouth” advertising. While we remain focused on our clients and their networks, technology has to continue to become more complex to the point that every aspect of business relies on it. This shift has prompted us to change the way we support our clients, by focusing on aligning your technology with your business goals.

In 2019, we decided to change our company name from XP Networking to Layer 9. Layer 9 was a representation of the change we saw in how we deliver service to our customers and that we have broken out to become more than just an managed services provider.

Why Layer 9: not to get completely geeky, but there are 7 layers to an OSI model (in short, this is how the backbone of your computer communicates to your network) , the eight layer is you, the end user, that enters in the information to the computer, and the 9th layer, is us, we bring it all together.


What sets us apart the most is our team. We pride ourselves on our service delivery and the occasional ping pong tournament.

Troy McCollum

Chief Executive Officer

Troy founded Layer 9 in 2002. Early on, Troy recognized that each client’s needs were different and focused on creating custom solutions to increase client efficiencies. Finding a niche with multi-site clients, Troy envisioned solutions that allowed clients the freedom to work from anywhere. In 2016, from that vision CloudVue was born.  Today, Troy has grown the company to more than 150+ managed clients stretching all along the East Coast and more than 20+ CloudVue clients located all throughout the United States. Focused on the concept of “work hard, play harder”, he has created a culture of collaboration and fun that pours out from the Layer 9 team and into their clients.

Crystal McCollum

Owner and Chief People Officer

As the CPO of Layer 9, Crystal has created a culture that engages and motivates employees. Focusing on hiring the “Right Person” and putting them in the “Right Seat”,  she has increased the efficiencies of the entire Layer 9 team. Crystal has a talent for finding and retaining new team members that align with Layer 9’s core values.

Loren Harvey

Chief Technology Officer

Loren joined the Layer 9 team while still in High School as an after-school-gig. Today, she focuses on Research and Development of new products that provides Layer 9 new ways to service their clients. As Layer 9’s Integrator, she works to remove road blocks for the team and ensure that all departments are rowing in the same direction.

David Griffin

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

As vCIO, David acts as an Information Officer for Layer 9’s clients. He works closely with clients to understand their business plans and creates a strategy to align their technologies to assist them in reaching their goals. Through Quarterly Business reviews, David assists with budgeting, compliance and moving business forward.
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