Save Time And Hire The Experts

In our practice, time is both our greatest asset and our largest issue. Having Layer 9 manage our computers and internet security needs has not only reduced my workload, but most importantly - freed up more of my time. Layer 9 has an extensive staff of technicians so there is always someone available to help you. I submit one ticket and they resolve the issue promptly. No waiting around for a call back.

I need to rely on the professionals to make sure I avoid jeopardizing my client’s data and security. We know with Layer 9, we have hired innovative experts, who are always working to stay informed and one step ahead of today’s threat.
I now have focus on my highest and best use of my time knowing Layer 9 is managing the most critical aspect of our infrastructure in a first rate manner.

Brandon Zeigler Managing Member
Parks Zeigler, PLLC

Layer 9 Techs Get I.T.

If you want an IT company with security top of mind, that offers the best response times, complete ease of placing and tracking service tickets, and most importantly, goes beyond to prevent downtime – Layer 9 is the IT firm for you.

The biggest benefit to Layer 9 taking over our IT system is their response time and their overall knowledge of our personal cloud environment. In the past, it has been extremely frustrating and time consuming to explain how our system worked to each technician. It is great we found a company that knows the importance of understanding our software.

That is what we pay an IT company for, and Layer 9 is worth every penny.

Shirley Beacham Firm Administrator
Crenshaw, Ware & Martin PLC

Delivering A Service Encompassing Much More Than I.T.

The decision to have Layer 9 take over the IT for our company has been HUGE. We know we have an IT company on call that will respond to any issue we encounter quickly and professionally. Layer 9 is able to keep us operational more of the time than past IT firms. They stay on top of any issue to ensure resolution.

Layer 9 delivers a service that encompasses much more than IT. They help you simplify your entire Network and make sure it is up to date and secure along the way.

Ross Winfield CEO
The Frieden Agency

The Biggest Benefit To Our Company Was Switching To Layer 9.

I am so glad I switched to Layer 9 from my old IT company. They have a great response time and follow up on any tickets. Layer 9’s familiarity with TDO, the software specific to our practice has been the single biggest benefit to our company since they have taken over our IT.

The staff at Layer 9 genuinely care about providing clients with a superior product and are proactive about supplying solutions to any issues your company may experience. I have nothing but good things to say about having Layer 9 managing our IT needs.

Samantha Nichols Office Manager
Dodson & Royzenblat Endodontics

Providing Peace of Mind Since The Start of Our Practice.

Why has Layer 9 been the only IT firm we have used the since the start of our practice? Simply put, peace of mind. We know they are monitoring all our IT equipment, software, and systems support services 24/7. This allows us to spend our time focusing on what WE do best, running our public accounting firm.

You will not regret choosing Layer 9 to manage this critical area of your business. They have provided us with excellent and responsive IT services and support from the very beginning. We have complete confidence and faith in their talented team members to oversee all aspects of our IT needs as we grow.

Lauren V. Wolcott, C.P.A, P.C. Certified Public Accountants