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Cloud Services

Moving to the Cloud provides a cost-effective solution that allows your employees to be productive from anywhere.

With public, private, and hybrid Cloud options, Layer 9 will work with you to create the best workspace experience for your business.

Public Cloud
(Amazon AWS, Office 365, Microsoft Azure)

Public Cloud options means that your data is stored and managed by a third party company.

Popular public cloud migrations include moving email and file sharing to Microsoft’s Office365.

This could also include moving to “cloud version products” such as QuickBooks, Microsoft CRM, or ADP.

Moving to the Public cloud keeps your software on the newest release, minimizing downtime due to updates and maintenance as well as the ability to scale with your business.

Private Cloud

Layer 9’s unique CloudVue platform gives you the same scalability and flexibility of the public cloud, but with the stability of a privately hosted enterprise network and security.

CloudVue is a fit for those not looking to jump all the way to “cloud version applications” but don’t want the burden of purchasing expensive server hardware.

CloudVue gives your employees a fully digital workspace that follows them wherever they need to work.



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